Me and my wife Pernilla in Venice, Italy

I was born February 1, 1974 in Nordmaling in the north-east of Sweden. Nordmaling is a small town with a population of about 2000 in the town and about 8000 in the region as a whole. This is where I grew up and attended kindergarten and my first nine years of school.

Since Nordmaling has no high school I commuted for three years between a city called Umeň (about 50 km north of Nordmaling) and Nordmaling, while I took Science at Ístra Gymnsieskolan. This is also the time when I turned to a little heavier music and played the guitar in a band, Solid Ivory, for a while. Apart from the studies life consisted mainly of bands like Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Megadeth and so forth, for a while.

After high school I moved to Umeň to attend the University of Umeň, where I took Computer Science for 4.5 years. The last few years I chose to concentrate on Cognitive Science which is a mix of a broad variety of subjects such as Computer Science, Philosophy, Human-Computer Interaction, Neurology, Psychology, and so forth. During this time I also took the time to design a web-page on an author that has interested me a lot, Edgar Allan Poe, and this grew to almost a half-time job since there was a lot of interest in Poe on the net.

The last six months of my university studies I spent in a city called Sundsvall (about 250 km south of Umeň) at Telia Engineering, as it was known back then. I wrote my masters thesis here, entitled "The Inquiry on the Merits of 3D Internet Browsers". After the thesis was done I applied for a job at the Aeronautical Research Insistute of Sweden and got a job there at the Swedish Air Force Air Combat Simulation Center, or FLSC as it is abbreviated in Swedish. I still work there today with flight simulation for the Swedish Air Force, where we train the pilots and weapons controllers in combat tactics and peace support operations.

In early 2000 I met my girlfriend, Pernilla, and we bought ourselves a three-room apartment in a suburb to Stockholm called Kista (where a tiny little company called Ericsson have their headquarters). We got married in June 2006 which also lead to me changing my last name from Nilsson to Hallqvist.

When I am not working I like to do anything creative, such as painting, writing poetry or short tales, writing music, playing the guitar, create something on my computer - graphics or programming (or both!) I am also very interested in ice-hockey, especially in my favorite team Bj÷rkl÷ven from Umeň, which are not doing very well right now - but they'll be back!