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For newcomers to my site, this page seeks to assist you in making my acquaintance. You likely will notice an exaggerated diversity of interests. I enjoy variety. Of course, splintering my time into so many pursuits may have inhibited my mastery of all things; yet I do not regret. Which pursuit, I ask myself, could I abandon?







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My wife and I own and operate a tree farm consisting of about 200 acres of mixed hardwood/pine timber. Much of this property was in poor condition at the time of purchase, and has been planted in shortleaf and loblolly seedlings to bring it into production. As long as we breathe, the property will be managed in an "earth-friendly" manner, avoiding clear-cutting and other predatory practices.

I moved to the Ouachita Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma in May of 1978, from Fort Worth, Texas, where I received my MA in English from Texas Christian University. I was hired first to teach 6th Grade at a local elementary school. The next year I was employed by a nearby dis-trict to teach English and history. The house pictured above I built, with the assistance of a friend and an elderly local gentleman. The house is work in progress.

A horseshoe of Buffalo Creek courses through our property. We enjoy swimming in the creek to cool off from summer's heat. The house is located up the path on a bluff, and the garden is located on the creek bank above normal flood stage (we hope). Eventually, we would like to build a large deck near the creek so that we can better enjoy the area where we like to swim.

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Travel is a favorite family hobby. We try to travel every second summer, though the expenses of our European excursion in '96 mean it will be the summer of '99 before we take another odyssey. We have in mind an adventure tour of the West, focusing on riding, rafting, and mountain hiking.

Computer Technology has become my adopted child at the school. I am responsible for the purchase and intallation of computer hardware and software, the managment of network configurations and users, adaptation of the Internet to school curriculum, and diagnosis/repair of hardware and software problems.

I was hired in 1979 to teach English and Social Studies at a school about 50 minutes from the house. In 1982 I met my wife Sharron, a vivacious redhead, and we planned and brought into the realm two redheaded daughters, the first in June,1983; the second in December, 1984.

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