Browser Usage Survey - Results

The survey is now officially closed, however, if you wish to submit your browser I will leave it open for submission. The results of this survey are based on submissions made before November 15 1997, to see if these results have changed by later submissions you can view the VRML presentation.

Final Results

(Last submission made Nov 13, 1997)

Cosmo Player(81)59%
Community Place(4)3%
MS VRML(6)4%
Live 3D(3)2%

The results are what could be expected. Out of 138 participants 81 use Cosmo Player, and 25 use WorldView. The heavy use of Cosmo is probably because it ships with Netscape 4.X, but also because it seems to be the dominating VRML browser for UNIX work-stations. Another reason for using Cosmo player is of course that it is one of the best browsers out there according to many people.

The Other category consists of submissions of programs using XSwallow and Newfire Torch, and also four submissions by people with no browser at all. In the first couple of days of the survey, the submissions registered as Other were not logged, and are therefore not counted. Some of those was probably Cosmo for IRIX which did not register as PC Cosmo did and was overlooked by the CGI script.

Thanks to everybody that participated in the survey!

For people who still want to participate in the survey you can use these links:
  • Participate with Netscape with a VRML plug-in
  • Participate with other browser or stand-alone VRML application

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